I can’t think “straight”

I remember how obsessed i was with my friend,

we were all girls in high school and she always had her hair did,

her pink bag and she forever smelled good,

like strawberries and lavender all in one,

i could not tell which one i liked the most,

she never understood to what intense i felt for her,

and i did not blame her,


i never knew what i felt for her,

all i knew was that whenever  she was close to me,

i wanted so bad to run my lips across that soft skin,

shower her with soft kisses and feel every broken part of her soul,

she had a never ending stream of heartbreak with men,

and every part of me believed she deserved better,

i wanted so bad to give her all that,

but my insecurities and fear took part of me,

scared of the judgment and loosing our friendship,

as i sip a tot of whiskey at this bar,

i know that it is and will be enough,

even if it isn’t the love i wanted,

it is love after all.


Love is unreasonable


winter coat

My love for you was unreasonable.

There was no thing I could point to and say, “That. That is why I love him.” It was more than the hours of easy conversation, of points in common and mutual understanding. It was more than your scent. I could indicate the curve of your neck as it rises to meet the base of your ear, but everyone has that. Why did yours move me?

I fell in love with you immediately and deeply. It made no sense. From one week to the next, my cells shifted their polarity. You became my orientation. For no particular reason. For every reason. My love was unreasonable.

Initially I was very happy. Finally! I had found the love of my life! No more was love something mysterious and foreign. I now understood why couples would stay together despite great difficulties. No wonder, if they felt like…

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great post

World map, cheap coffee and cigarettes

I just saw a girl’s tweet about how her boyfriend is the jealous type and how lucky she is. Girl is crazy but it got me thinking what love is and do I want that kind of love?


Love. I don’t know where to start. What IS love? What do I know about love? I wouldn’t recognize love of it hit me. Is love really a complicated thing? Or are we the ones who makes it complicated?

I have loved before and lost that love. I WAS crazy, LOVE CRAZY WOMAN, I tell ya. I was the green eyed monster, I wanted that love to revolve around me and only me. Love lied, so I did not trust that love anymore. Forgive and forget was not in our vocabulary. It was a consuming, selfish, trust less kind of relationship.. and it HAD to end. It was bound to end…

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I need a man

i love this post

Stitched Hearts

I need a man
not to splurge on clothes
But to tell me I look beautiful in whatever I choose to wear

I need a man
not to stop me from making bad decisions
But hold me close when I face the repercussions

I need a man
not to assure me I can quit work
But to show he’s there for me when I have a tough day at work

I need a man
Not because I need safety
But because I need companionship

I need a man
Not because I need pointers on how to live
But live life with me as a best friend

I need a man
Not because a woman should settle down and have kids
But because I need kids and a family for my future

I need a man
Not for a social requirement
Not because all my friends have one
But because I…

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A little too late

I can relate

Stitched Hearts

It’s funny how I feel like
I’m a little too late now
When I had plenty of time
back then, to catch the bus
To get in without a rush
To sit comfortably
Because now
When I try to catch the bus
It never sees me
And I’m tired
Tired of trying to stop it
Tired of trying to get it to notice me
Tired of chasing after the ever-reducing little dot that it is becoming
As it moves further and further,
Away from me
I remember how the bus would stop
And silently wait for me
While I never thought it was waiting for me
I must have been asleep
Or it could’ve honked

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